Alternative Treatments for Cancer

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Alternative Treatments for Cancer


Percivill Pott, a British surgeon, first discovered cancer in 1775. Since the latter 18th century, the medical profession has worked to find ways to treat cancer. Today, there are several treatments, including Vape oil, adult stem cell treatment, immunotherapy, and more.

 Vape Oil

Vape oil is made from earthy, natural ingredients from hemp and more. This oil is very relaxing, especially during cancer treatments. Not only does cbd vape oil relieve pain, it may kill some cancer cells. Vape oil comes in 10 and 30 ml bottles. Vape oil contains terpenes that inhibit many cancer cells from growing.

 Adult and Cord Stem Cell

Adult stem cells can rejuvenate cells that have been damaged during chemotherapy. There are two kinds of stem cell transplant treatments. Autologus is the patient's own stem cells. This kind of transplant is used to treat leukemia, lymphoma, neuoblastoma, and testicular cancer. Allogeneic is stem cell transplant from a donor. The donor can be a brother, sister, or other close relative. Sometimes the donor can be a newborn. Usually this kind donation is made from cord blood. In cancer patients, cord blood has been used for children and small adults. Donor stem cells can kill the cancer cells in patients who receive the stem cells.


Among the newest cancer treatment out there is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is making use of a cancer patient's own cells to fight the cancer. Like a policeman patrolling the streets for crime, the immune system patrols the body for invaders and foreign bodies that invade the system such as viruses and cancerous cells. The body can learn to heal itself from cancer. The public was probably first made aware of immunotherapy in 2015. Former President Jimmy Carter agreed to try this experimental treatment to battle brain cancer.