Alternative Treatments for Cancer

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A Short Perspective on Alternative Treatments for Cancer


Chemotherapy is basically poisoning an entire system, with the entire system for this understanding being your body, to kill a select set of cells that have gone rogue that are dangerous and harmful and reproducing at an accelerated rate.. Quick translation; burning your wheat fields to kill a bug infestation. It works, but the collateral damage is of a considerable level

Now, you will always hear chemotherapy and radiation as a combined treatment and, yes, it can be successful. However, if you are subjected to this toxic combination you will sustain damage to your body’s internal organs and diminish the capability of your immune system which translates to being defenseless against other illnesses.

This directly contradicts the basis of most alternative cancer treatments which work to boost your own immune system to free your body of the cancerous cells.

What Are Some Viable Alternative Treatments for Cancer?

There is a lot of controversy pertaining to what is really effective for a complete healing of your body when you are experiencing cancer and this applies to both traditional and alternative therapies.

Diet is the basis for many of the extraordinary healings and the ‘Gerson Therapy’ is one such method. The ‘Gerson Therapy’ is based on a diet specifically designed to directly fuel your body's own immune system combined with coffee enemas to quickly and effectively clear the body of any and all other toxins allowing the immune system to focus all of your body's energies on defeating the cancerous cells.

The 'Budwig Diet Protocol' is based on the concept that hydrogenated oils and the food processing techniques currently used for mass production and distribution create a form of processed fat both of which are toxic to the individual cells in the human body attacking the membrane of each cell thereby destroying the cells' ability to resist and withstand any damage resulting from exposure to any type of a toxic substance.

This form of treatment places great prominence on foods classified as highly antioxidant and specifically cultured dairy products that have a high concentration of probiotics.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Mind

There are many ways to state this concept; 'As we think; so we shall become.'

No matter what course of treatment you have decided upon to free yourself from the effects of cancer; a positive mindset for all you think, say and do through all of your waking moments should never be dismissed.

You may also see, cbd vape juice as an alternative treatment for cancer.