Alternative Treatments for Cancer

ADHD, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Cancer, & Other Medical Condition Alternative Treatments

A New Way to Heal; Rooted in Old Knowledge


Detoxify, Detoxify, Detoxify

A whole foods plant-based, primarily raw diet is a system shown to prevent and eliminate cancer. It is an approach based around organic plant based foods, raw juices made fresh from organic produce, enemas and natural herbs/supplements. The body of the modern-day American is loaded with additives, preservatives, pesticides, saturated animal fat and more. This diet allows the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself while regenerating the organs and cells to return to a healthy state. Our bodies thrive in a clean and well nourished environment; not in toxicity.

Be patient

Once your body begins the detoxification process, it doesn't end there. It did not take a week or even a month to accumulate the amount of toxic waste products in the body that lead to the disease in the first place, so it would be unrealistic to expect the treatment to work overnight. This approach is not a diet; rather a lifestyle.

Our ancestors

Natural herbs are shown to be cancer fighting. Turmeric and ginger are powerhouses of their own. They are both anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, full of anti-oxidants and promote superb health. The catch? These remedies are not new discoveries. For thousands of years these holistic medicines have been a staple in ethnic groups throughout the world. There have been few studies conducted and showed that cbd vape oil can help in detoxifying toxins in our body.

Take is easy on yourself

Remember that you simply are human and it is very possible that you may revert back to your old ways. In the moments where you make a mistake, remember that you can get right back up again and continue. It is very important not to self-sabotage during this process. There is not limit on how many times you fall; as long as you pick back up and head back in the direction of health.